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Sourcing and Set Up

Making an event perfect takes a lot of time and effort. It requires attention to detail, down to every last piece of event furniture and catering equipment. At North West Catering and Event Hire we have built up a great deal of experience working with event organisers to source furniture hire to match specific aesthetics.

Sourcing Event Hire Case Study

We worked with organisers of B&Q’s annual conference to help them source furniture that matched a specific colour scheme. While we always have a large quantity of Eames inspired chairs in stock, the colour that was required was an unusual one and required us to offer a bespoke solution.

This meant obtaining the correct “B&Q Orange” pantone for the chairs, and then getting a supplier in China to make the chairs to exact specifications within the timescale we provided. While it is true that China is awash with suppliers of furniture, finding the right ones who can provide the right quality of chairs in the right timeframe requires a level of expertise.

Although soft furnishings and cushions are not within our normal remit, we also worked with the event organisers to source suppliers for these as well as part of our service.

We’re proud to say that we have built up our own network of suppliers within China that we trust. That allowed us to find a supplier for these chairs quickly, ensure that the chairs were not only built to spec but also that the logistics were in place to get them to the UK in plenty of time.

Meanwhile, in the UK we were on hand to offer our assistance with floor plans for the conference to ensure chairs were laid out exactly. On the day of delivery, our team was on hand to unload and set up furniture as per the instructions of the organisers, and to help de-rig the conference after its conclusion.

Need help with Event Hire?

If you’re hosting a conference or a meeting then call our team today on 0800 910 1177 to find out how we can help you source the items you need. We can offer as much help as you want – from just a pure hire and set up to a full wraparound service.