Cloths and Towels

If you're running a kitchen or a bar, cloths and towels can be incredibly useful things to have around which are often overlooked.

  1. Glass Cloth

    £1.00 ex VAT
  2. Standard Oven Cloth

    £1.00 ex VAT

While the humble tea towel might not be the most elegant piece of fabric we have on our site, it along with our dish cloths and bar towels are an often overlooked yet essential thing to have.

What cloth and towel hire is on offer?

We have three main types of cloth and towel hire available for hire at North West Event Hire.

Our tea towels are a versatile piece of kit used in a variety of situations. They’re not just useful for drying dishes; they can also be used as ad hoc oven gloves or for mopping up spilled food and drinks.

If you’re running a bar, then glass cloths are handy too. While their most obvious use is for cleaning glasses, it’s always useful to have a glass cloth on one’s person ready for spillage of drinks to prevent issues quickly.

Oven cloths are hard wearing and are designed to clean ovens – hence the name. However, they can be used to clean other surfaces too, and are great to have around a kitchen.

How does delivery of cloth and towel hire work

All of our cloths and towels for hire are professionally cleaned before we pack them ready for dispatch to you. All we ask is that once you’ve finished with them you get rid of any food debris and make sure they’re dry before packing them ready to be returned.

We deliver from North West Event Hire to the whole of the North West including to Greater Manchester, Liverpool and the North West of England. Check the carriage calculator on the home page to find out how much a standard delivery costs.